The football’s fan engagement lab

Football is Football. The largest community worldwide with 4 billion souls enjoying the beautiful game. This famous quote from Shankly captures our vision for the game “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

We are creating dafootball community for NFT degens and football fans in the Solana ecosystem. As a member
we want you to share your passion and love for the game and we want you to always have a stake. As part of our mission we want football fandom to initiate their journey into web3.

Our collection, DaGOATs NFT is a lab to prove emerging concepts and utilities to the football (soccer) industry. We are team imagining the future of football fandom.

Our vision is to demonstrate real utilities in Web3 for football clubs worldwide. We will be offering these technologies and tools to football clubs once we have achieved phase 1 in our roadmap.


Capturing the passion of football’s pop culture

DaGoats NFTs were created by our Creative Director, James Gaubert, in collaboration with our classic football shirts’ specialist team at Retrofootball who has brought in their knowledge and passion of football looks and classic shirts throughout history.

This multifaceted team gives each DaGoat its own unique character.

Even though they are all different, they all share the same passion for football shirts’ legacy, creativity and community.

Inspired by the look and feel of footballers throughout history, you can experience being a PFP legend by joining our tribe of DaGoats.


1. FC Collectibles

2. Digital engagement:

3. In Real Life Engagement:

4. Experiences

5. Digital economy

6. Technology for Football clubs

8. Boost Clubs Revenues


We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced entrepreneurs, footballers, engineers & dev builders, sports’ industry professionals, digital fashion and art experts who are bringing innovate concepts to the football industry.

We are driven to support football clubs in their digital transition into Web3 in a meaningful way to their community of fans. Our passion for football, Web3 and NFT communities inspired us to begin.

This is the kick-off of a long journey with our community of holders. Our roadmap details our plans for the short and long term future.

We have a team committed to the success of the collection and a team of advisors and partners:

Founders & Core Team

James Gaubert

Art & Creative Director
Founder Republiqe

Jaime Reneses

Cofounder NFT Tech Labs

DaGOATs Japan 2002

Štefan Prokop

Tech Consultant
Backend & Solana Dev

DaGOATs Spain 2010

Alex Lopez

Business Development
Cofounder NFT Tech Labs

DaGOATs Netherlands 1974

David Tertov

Community Player
Nifty Club Spain Cofounder


Front end Dev lead
React & Full Stack dev


Shahad Choudhoury

Blockchain advisor
Founder Openbrix

David Kern

Marketing advisor
Digital Marketing Just Eat

Diego Capón

Football industry advisor
Founder Enfoq


Pesquy Penguins DAO
Hubble Protocol

José Carlos Cortizo

Growth hacking Advisor
Partner Product Hackers

Naked DaGOATs

Alejandro Reyero

Solana Partnerships Advisor
Founder Digital Anatomics

Alvaro Chico

Tech Advisor
Founder iCommunity Labs


Metaverse Advisor
Founder Metafreaks & Volumetriks

Investors & Partners


DaGOATs is an NFT collection granting exclusive access to football fandom’s utilities in Web3. Experience football in a way that has never been done before. Long term vision is to deploy these innovative concepts in partnership with football clubs worldwide.

DaGOATs mint wen?  Soon. LFG, join da brotherhood at our Discord.

Welcome to the DaGOATs’ tribe; we are building one of the most exciting sports 3.0 community. You can join da conversation & enterntaintment on:
– Twitter:  https://twitter.com/DaGOATs6
– Discord: https://discord.gg/dagoats

We don’t know and we don’t care. Everybody is welcome at DaGOATs. We are global minded; our passion for football is da driving force.

Cooking a killer app for football clubs so they can engage & enterntain their fandom whilst collecting and redeeming fan points. Sounds easy, nobody has done it yet at Club level. LFG

Cooking in progress.

Solana is a high-speed, low-cost blockchain with a small environmental impact. Its native currency is Solana and it uses the ticker SOL. Solana (SOL) is used to pay for transaction fees involved with buying and selling NFTs.
Solana is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. A transaction on Solana uses less energy than two Google searches.
Transactions in Solana are extremely fast. This combined with their proof of stake system allows to offer very low gas fees.